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San Antonio Zoo

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Experience the vibrant wonders of wildlife at the San Antonio Zoo, where every visit promises excitement and discovery. From majestic lions to playful otters, immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure within the heart of Texas.
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Ages 3 - 11
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The San Antonio Zoo offers an enriching experience for visitors of all ages, boasting a diverse collection of animals from around the world. With engaging exhibits, interactive activities, and conservation efforts, it provides a memorable opportunity to connect with nature and learn about wildlife conservation.


  • Africa Live! – African wildlife thrives in immersive, naturalistic habitats.
  • Amazonia – Trek through the rainforest, encountering its diverse flora and fauna.
  • Big Cat Valley – Lions, tigers, and cheetahs exhibit their strength and beauty.
  • Butterfly Garden – Vibrant butterflies flutter amidst lush foliage and blooming flowers.
  • Kronkosky's Tiny Tot Nature Spot – Interactive play area fostering nature appreciation for young visitors.
  • Gibbon Forest – Energetic gibbons swing and call in a lush forest setting.
  • Lory Landing – Hand-feed nectar to colorful lorikeets in this tropical aviary.
  • Zootennial Plaza – Explore the zoo's history and ongoing conservation initiatives.
  • Texas Wild! – Discover the diverse ecosystems and wildlife of Texas.
  • Aquarium at the San Antonio Zoo – Dive into aquatic habitats teeming with marine life diversity.
Established in 1914, the San Antonio Zoo has a rich history of evolution and expansion. Originating with a collection of animals in Brackenridge Park, it relocated to its present site in 1929. Over the years, the zoo's commitment to conservation and education led to the development of an impressive array of exhibits. Today, it proudly houses more than 3,500 animals representing 750 species, earning recognition for its impactful conservation initiatives.

Within the zoo, you'll discover San Antonio's oldest aquarium, dating back to 1948, which held the distinction of being the sole aquarium until the arrival of SeaWorld San Antonio in 1988. Notably, in November 1929, the San Antonio Zoo pioneered two of the nation's first cageless exhibits, providing visitors with unrestricted, up-close encounters with the animals.

The San Antonio Zoo has played a pivotal role in the preservation of endangered species, including black rhinos, leopards, golden lion tamarins, dama gazelles, black mangabeys, African lions, black-footed ferrets, Komodo dragons, Andean condors, and Caribbean flamingos. With its rich history and ongoing dedication to wildlife conservation, the San Antonio Zoo continues to inspire and educate visitors of all ages about the importance of protecting our planet's remarkable biodiversity.

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